Cuppa With Cuccio – No Rest For The West!

August 5th, 2013

Tony Cuccio dissects the emergence of the desire for Western branded products in the East, which is leading to a change in economic growth and industrialization.

Recently I’ve been traveling to the Far East looking at developing my distribution in new and emerging markets; traditionally markets that have been dominated by low cost products. I’m sure you have an image in your mind of the standard of living in the likes of Vietnam and China and a perception of some of the salons in the UK that are run on low-cost, unlabeled and non-branded products.

While there’s no doubt that a stereotype becomes a stereotype because it is something that happens so frequently, you still believe that every situation like that is the same; well I can tell you that the stereotypical salon in the Far Easy is changing.

What I’ve seen in my travels to that part of the world in the last 10 years, is that more and more people are improving their standard of living. The expectations of service and the types of products that the customers in the Far East salons use and offer are changing. While it’s true that the main form of marketing has and is focused on ‘price’, there’s no doubt that the end consumer is becoming more knowledgeable, more demanding and more selective in the product that is used.

There is, to some degree a sense of irony when I look at how the Far East’s low manufacturing costs have decimated the manufacturing in the USA and now these economies are growing and the competitive advantage they had in low cost labour is changing. The cost for labor is changing because the labor force is consuming more and more products. Plasma screen televisions, iPods and iPhones have become desirable to the very markets whose low costs have enables the manufacture of these devices. Now they want Western and European products. They aspire to the very brands that have been counterfeited, this desire to become capitalistic consumers instead of live in a communist subsistence life, is changing the cost base of labor in these countries.

Now you read in the news that manufacturers are relocating back to the US and Europe as the cost of producing in the Far East in increasing and the cost of shipping is going up every week.

Western-demand culture is being replaced by Eastern-demand culture, people are the same the world over, they want more, they want brands, they want the prestige and status that comes from paying more for a branded product. They also want the very reason the original brand product was invited. That is to guarantee its quality and for that you have to pay a price.

This movement is something I am observing from salons in the US and UK, salons that traditionally brought industrial-type products, bought in bulk low grade manicure and pedicure items so they could provide the lowest cost service and make the most money. Those salons that only market on cost are now seeking branded products. They know that their customers value the better products and will buy the better products from them. They know they need to retail to survive; and to thrive to give the next generation the money they want to buy the goods that their parents went without.

This is a major factor as to why we are constantly launching new and exciting products the like latest Cuccio Manicure and Pedicure ranges. It’s why we advertise and why we market; why we seek to create a demand.

The wheel turns full circle and the great news for everyone competing on price alone, is that you don’t have to. You can build a business, change a culture; you can influence human behavior and you can compete in the market place where you competitor only things of how to undercut you. There is room for us all to run and enjoy a healthy business turnover.

My Glass Is Always Half Full!

April 17th, 2013

Greetings! We are now getting into the business part of the year for many, the bank holidays are out of the way and we can look forward to summer and an increase in our pedicure, polish and treatment business.

Having visited Greece, Bulgaria and the Ukraine recently, I can tell you that these economies are all having their challenges and if I hear the word crisis once more I think I will scream!!!! There is no doubt that for some people the problems in the Eurozone can play on the mind and if you are not careful can make you pessimistic and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I am often asked what is the difference between the American mentality and the rest of the world and I can tell you that there a number of different mentalities that have often been fostered by either cultural or governmental forces. In America for instance, we believe that any one can be successful, that any one has the opportunity to rise from the mediocre and reach the summit in their chosen field. This doesn’t mean everyone can – it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to also have good fortune or good timing to be successful. What it actually means is that if you are exceptional, if you work hard, you will get a chance to succeed. Compare this with the attitude I come across in central Europe recently. This is where the state has created a belief in its people that it is not worthy to seek material or individual business success and in some way it is better to be poor and happy (not sure how you can achieve this) and you will see why entrepreneurialism is struggling to make changes in these countries. In many of these eastern European countries, capitalism is viewed as an owner exploiting the work force for low wages to make big profits, something that is so far removed from the general view in America. In the states, an entrepreneur creating not only wealth, but jobs and incomes for workers to enjoy a better standard of living and for them to have increasing disposable income, in turn enabling them to buy the very goods and services that they create. Without doubt, the mind set of an individual can change the success of that individual. We have all heard the saying of where the glass is half empty or half full and this is so very true for business. I can honestly say that I have never worked as hard as I have this year. We had 3 major products launches along with our biggest global promotion; our match maker deal. This was a deal we had to create as we were a little late to the soak off polish gel market. We took the decision to wait until we were completely satisfied with our formula before we went to market. I have to tell you that this decision cost me millions of dollars; but I saw the problems that were created with some formulas and I didn’t want to rush to market with an inferior product and repent at my leisure. So now that we have the product I had to create a global demand for it, I had to get customers to try the product so that they can see for themselves. I knew that if they did then without doubt we would gain market share. So after much debate among my marketing team we came up with the match maker deal. This is where you buy a Veneer soak off and polish you get another Veneer soak off and polish of your choice free. I am seeing the glass half full and I believe that if we run this promotion for the next 6 months we can persuade our potential customers to try our product and if they like it and the price they will buy it. I believe in our product and our Company and I don’t know if that is an American attitude or just something my parents instilled in me as I grew up. I won’t rest until my company is successful, I won’t stop working or trying to come up with ideas to grow my business – can you say the same about you and yours?

Let’s Get Together!

March 11th, 2013

Nothing stimulates the market like a well organized and exciting get together. Where salon owners, managers, therapists etc get the opportunity to meet up with all of the major companies – and I don’t mean ‘major’.

Come on … do you really want to be buying from a company that supplies a product that is not big enough or established enough to have major presence at all of your trade shows? Ask yourself the question. If they aren’t there, then how big are they really? Anyone can knock up an impressive website and make you think they’re a major player in this market, but you can’t fake it at an exhibition can you? So I love it when the big boys, the serious players, those with research & development departments, marketing support and all manner of technical back up, roll into town and put on a show. Nothing is better than walking around an exhibition on set up day and seeing all the familiar faces turn and empty hall into an exciting tsunami of sound, colour and excitement in readiness for Sunday and Monday – it’s such a buzz.

Seeing the same people for years and years lets you know who is really committed to working within the industry, who really wants to support the work that is bring done out there – the people who really put their money where their mouths are!

I have observed many people come into this market because they think it’s so profitable and can make a quick buck. Yes, it’s true there’s a lot of money to be made in our business, but over the 30-odd years I’ve been involved, I can tell you that you’ve to keep putting in before you can get anything out. You have to pay your dues; do you time, put the effort in and work and work like you never imagined. Many of my competitors have come and gone and I’m sure in the coming months we will see a few more bite the dust; nice people, but i’m not altogether sure they were ever committed enough to making their customers a success first and foremost before looking to what they could take out of the industry.

I’ve just received a really great email from a UK customer who, along with a lot of praise for our customer care in the UK, said some very complimentary things about the products from my brand that she uses. What struck me the most was her simple comment where she said, ‘ thank you, my customers are really happy with your products and if the customers are happy then I am happy too’. I thought that was so telling and summed up the way we at Cuccio think and, I believe, a lot of the good nail companies also think, “If my customer is happy then so am I”.
That is what I’m confirming when I say I love the exhibitions, because you get all sorts of people in the mix and, for me, the opportunity to gauge whether my products and I are well received.

I can also see who is committed, who goes out of their way to make the customer happy. That’s when I feel best; when a customer stops by, gives up their precious time, to talk to me or my team.

So, don’t be afraid to send in your feedback to the companies you deal with, good or bad..the better companies will deal with every comment and come back to you no matter what. Those who are scared or have something to hide will do the same with the feedback, they will hide it under the carpet. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be hidden under the carpet – those of you know me, know that I am a loud and proud – that’s my motto – don’t hide away from anyone or anything, that’s not how to be successful or be discovered.

So, get out there, keep discovering new things and don’t stop believing (uh, oh, I feel a song coming on, time to sign off!), between us we can drive this market forward to a brand new level.

From Cement Mixer to Manicure Table

March 11th, 2013

Steven Rhys Wells discusses the industry’s revolution and his love of the natural nail.

Another productive and very cold month has ended my crazy February schedule and I’m gearing up for the next installment – yeehaa! I love nothing more than being in demand and i’m sure you feel the same way too. There’s no better way to shake off the last of those winter blues than getting yourself psyched up for a a mega busy period. ‘Bring it on’ I say…

Anyway enough of this cold chat, I want this month’s installment to take us back to basics; totally naked and stripped bare. Now, before you all think I’ve gone totally mad, I don’t mean an article on ‘Magic Mike’ or anything like that, what I actually mean is natural nail care. Let’s go back…

Natural nail care is something that was brushed under the carpet for a good number of years. In many countries natural nails went unseen, completely overshadowed by the vast demand for artificial nail enhancements. Services such as manicures took a backseat as the public craved cold, hard plastic. The artificial nail industry was booming.

With any industry boom comes interest and everyone wants a slice of the sweet profit pie. With more and more salons opening up offering quicker, harder-wearing nails at a fraction of the price, the original salons start getting into trouble, finding it impossible to cut prices on nail enhancements any further due to product costings. The reality is that many of them went under. We’ve seen it time and time again.

This is a light, however! Listening to work on the street on how some artificial nails were hurting, throbbing natural nails were filed down like paper, many of the original remaining salons started looking at other avenues to market, and natural nail care was the obvious choice. These salons focused on caring for the natural nail, rather than hiding it, which soon saw the public coming back through the doors.

Manicure and pedicure treatments were beginning to trend, the public was craving more gentle, relaxing treatments, rather than the painful and uncomfortably odorous ones they were previously receiving. Things were evolving at a rapid rate and salons were beginning to turn a normal service into a spa experience. Having your nails done was again an enjoyable procedure, which is exactly how it should be.

A good number of years on with the development of natural nail care products, the industry is booming once more, yet while artificial nail enhancements still have their place, the star of this show is in fact a relative newbie to the manicure table – it’s soak off gel. A flexible, super high gloss, more colours than a rainbow, gel overlay has officially grabbed the nail world, turned it upside down and shaken it right up. The clever thing about soak off is the face that it promises the wearer a semi-permanent, chip-free polish effect that allows even wear nails to grow to a desired length. All of this without the damage that some nail enhancements (or nail professionals) have supposedly left behind.

So this brings us right up to the here and now. As you have seen for yourself, the soak off gel movement is growing with more and more companies bringing out their own version of soak off gel polish, each one promising thinner product, more colours and a longer lasting effects. It has become evident that the consumer has taken note, word has spread and caring for the natural nail is the ‘new black’. After all why shouldn’t you have strong, beautiful natural nails?

Although acrylic and hard gel will always be my artistic media of choice, I rarely have time to do full sets anymore. For the few diehard clients I still keep, I have them on a bi-weekly soak off polish schedule with a full manicure once a month. Their natural nails are strong, all one length and perfectly kept. My findings are that you can paint a stiletto, cover it with gems, put an abundance of 3D flowers over it and encapsulate endless fruit, yet no matter how you dress it up; my opinion is that it may never compare to the beauty that is the natural nail.

A Healthy Start To 2013

January 22nd, 2013

New Year – is it time for a change or will you sit back on your laurels and watch your competition take your business away?

There will be a few cliches in this article today, but you know what they say – “the old ones are the best”. So, what are you doing to review your business for the New Year to increase profitability? There is so much you can do and this is the best time to do it…so sit back, reflect on the year gone by and seriously look at each area one by one. Here are a few pointers for you, most of which are common sense, however sometimes until someone actually points them out for you, you can’t see the wood for the trees!

So, here it goes…
Review your services – You might have the smartest looking menu, but are you actually offering your clients what they want? Are there services that you can add on for little effort that your clients will love you for? What packages can you put together? Often salons make the mistake of keeping these for special occasions – Christmas, Mother’s Day, Brides, etc., why not have a selection of packages all year round, this way you make the most of your time with one client and also build up a better relationship with him/her the longer they spend with you in the salon. For instance, add on a polish or coloured gel application to a manicure or pedicure and embellish one or two nails with nail art.

Review your costs – You should be looking to reduce these by a minimum of 10% for 2013. I’m not saying you should start again and fire everyone, but certainly get rid of any dead wood! No Seriously, are you paying more for your products that you need to? Check out the competition to see if you can’t bring in a better brand that encompasses everything you need, this may mean you spend less on deliveries, or you get better deals for the company. Either way, it’s saving you money.

Ask yourself, how efficient am I at making money? Is the heating on too long, does a window need fixing, is there a draught somewhere – this is all about efficiency in the workplace. Product efficiency means that the product is doing what you and your clients expect, i.e. does it deliver the benefits it claims to?… moisturising, hardwearing, relaxing, etc? These are all reasons why your clients come to you and they trust you to deliver!

Review your pricing – These should be increased by 10% for 2013 across the board – check our your competitors and don’t undersell yourself. If you’re too cheap – the perception will be that you are no good at what you do and the products you use are rubbish… think on.

Review your retailing – This is often a bug-bear for salons as most staff hate selling to customers. They feel they have just given a lovely treatment and don’t want to “Force” products on them. If you stock the right products, they will sell themselves. Make sure you have plenty of samples for clients to try; your supplier should give you these for free, don’t be afraid to ask… if you don’t ask, you won’t get!

Review your staff – Do your employees have the requisite skills, attitude and training and how can they give you more in 2013? This may sound harsh, as surely you wouldn’t have taken them on if they weren’t suitable, but has your business changed? Have you taken on a new brand? Is everyone up-to-date with the latest health and safety skills? Is there a gap in the services you offer and could a short course put more money in your pocket?

Review your expectations – Not only of your staff, but yourself – set realistic targets and work towards them.

Review your opening hours – Maximize the number of hours in a day. Do you need to be open during your current working hours, or would it be beneficial to open up later on some days and stay open later on others? Again, check the competition… offer something different to what they do. Remember, the early bird catchs the worm!

Review your facilities – Are they attractive to current and potiential customer? How would you rate the whole experience you offer? If you struggle with this, as I’m sure you all think your salons are perfect, why not ask a few candid questions of your client, if you want their absolute honest opinion, they can do this anonymously for you.

Review your marketing – How do you advertise, do you make the most of PR, are you up to date with social media? Can you communicate with your customers through a special site just for the salon? This is great for e blasts! Do you offer sample campaigns or why not go back to the old fashioned mailshots – straight to the horse’s mouth!

I hope this advice gives you food for thought and I’ll leave you with one last thought…

Do you know what the definition of madness is? It’s repeating the same actions over and over and expecting a different result. Make sure you don’t go mad in 2013 and I’ll see you later this year when I visit the UK.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Personal Touch

February 23rd, 2012

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time surfing the internet, reading through various websites relevant to our industry. The amount of resources and the conversations carried online are great!

It’s incredible how our industry keeps evolving to adapt to new media channels. These technologies didn’t exist 20 years ago! Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are just a few of the viral marketing tools we use everyday, both for business and personal use. The ability to share information and opinions on products and services is so influential to our industry. It’s a phenomenal tool that everyone should use and engage with.

Technicians from all over the world can now share their thoughts and experiences with each other. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter are amazingly powerful tools. It can connect someone in Asia with a technician in Russia, and that person can connect with another in England. The face of communication is continually changing and will never be the same again.

Now, not everyone loves this new form of communication, but we should all embrace it. Long gone are the days that a printed catalog made its time-consuming journey to your doorstep. Mass-producing printed materials are costly, especially when compared to using the web as a valuable resource for reaching people globally at a moments notice.

These advancements are all very exciting and interesting, but with every new technology there are also negatives. Although we can now communicate with people from all over the world, we are losing the ability to have face-to-face interactions.

Everyday, I notice people are so involved inside their own “constant communication bubble”. Whether it’s two friends at a coffee shop, not talking with each other, but choosing to go on Facebook to carry out their conversations. Or a couple at a restaurant, sending text messages to their friends about their experience, without actually living it.

I imagine you’re probably wondering how these new social media trends have a negative effect on the nail industry. Take a minute to think about it. Of the countless hours I’ve spent reading through hundreds of articles directed at our industry, I noticed a negative phenomenon developing. Customers are starting to buy products from beauty companies with whom they don’t know anything about. Even worse than that, your customers are buying products online without fully understanding how to use them and without taking advantage of its benefits.

I’m not inferring that all companies selling products on the internet are for-profit only. Some products are actually really great. But wouldn’t you prefer buying from a reputable company who cares about you and how you use their products effectively? Someone who wants to help you build your business step-by-step? This cannot be achieved without physically sitting down with a representative who is knowledgeable and passionate about their products and can share their expertise with you. There are companies who spend a lot of money on marketing their products and ensuring their customers are supported from the start. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. I’ve heard about products being blamed, but remember, a good technician never blames her tools! Don’t fall victim to buying cheap alternatives!

Let’s not loose sight of the personal touch that is vital to this industry. A majority of your day is spent with your clients’ hands in yours. They expect that extra personal touch from you. Why wouldn’t you expect the same from your supplier? Don’t do a disservice to your business or your clients. Learn about where your products are from, be knowledgeable of the company’s reputation, and make sure they will support the future of your business – otherwise, you might as well throw your money down the drain!

Working as a Team

September 20th, 2011

Having just spent the last few weeks watching my staff getting ready for our biggest show of the year – Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, It struck me just how hard my team works for our company. Notice how I use the term, “team and our company.” Without a doubt, one of the biggest lessons I have learned in my 30 years in this industry is that you are only as good as the team you work with. As a business owner, it is my job to lead the team; but I must also make sure that every member of that team feels valued so that they can make the fullest contribution that they can to the overall effort and most importantly they must feel like they are part of something special.

I am very fortunate that within my company as we have grown over the years I have managed to attract and keep some very key individuals that have been essential in developing what is now a multi-million dollar international business. I was thinking about how far we had come as I accepted (on behalf of all of the team at Cuccio) the Award for Vendor of the Year. This was at the Sally USA vendors’ presentation breakfast during the recent Cosmoprof Las Vegas show.

For those of you that don’t know how I started in this business, my wife Roberta and I began our venture 30 years ago with little more than $200 stock and a table on the edge of Venice beach in California. Over the years we have been through many highs and lows, including surviving earthquakes and many events that would test any business. But survive, we did.

Those that know me know that I don’t often reflect on how well we have done, but look to what challenges we have coming up next. However, this occasion has given me the opportunity to think about what I was going to say in my speech to all those people that attended the awards ceremony. I kept on coming back to the same theme as I thought of the people I had to thank for helping my wife and I get to the position we are now in and the award that we were receiving. I thought of those key people in our team and I thought of the years that they had worked with me. I realized that even though we started small, many of those people who had joined us along the way had stayed with us. Many of these people have been with me for 25 years or more and others 20 years, 15 years.

Now, if you know me (I will be visiting the Beauty show at Olympia so please come and say hello), you will know that I am a figure who knows his own mind and so I take it as the supreme compliment that I have been working with many of our team for over 20 years. Now here is the thing, I know that I work very hard in supporting my team, motivating them, pointing them in the right direction and even correcting them when necessary. I try to build a sense of purpose and of direction and I do this because the value of knowledge, experience and wisdom that my team has gained over the years is invaluable. Yes, we and I say we, have made mistakes, but we have learned from them and then grown from them. You need to make sure that you understand the value of long service and the rewards that it can bring for your business and I don’t mean complacency. You still need to challenge your team and they need to challenge you, but I think we are living in a disposable world – everything from clothes to music. You need to make sure that your staff members are not disposable, they cost you in recruitment, time to train and the time it takes for them to become an asset to your business.

Please take the advice from someone who has been lucky (and a little smart enough) to see the real value in the quality of the members of your team and the loyalty. Honesty, support and on many, many occasions; dedication beyond the expected, as your employees move from staff members to team members. I look back and also forwards in my business and I see the people who have made it the success it is today. At the end of the day without them, we wouldn’t have achieved anywhere near as much.

Off Traveling!

May 4th, 2011

Off traveling again I can’t wait to meet with my distributors in the Far East, if you ever want to see what real competition and entrepreneurship is like, then visit China! China without doubt is becoming a very important territory for all exporters, the Chinese customer is becoming more educated all of the time and we are finding unparalleled levels of growth for our upscale signature brands. Price is not the only factor as far as this developing market is concerned and the end user is becoming more and more discerning. This leads to the nail technician and salon owners becoming increasingly interested in which brand of product they use and even more importantly they retail.

One of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make as a nail technician is which brand to invest your time, and even more importantly, your money in. You might think that the difference between one brand and another is simply down to how the product performs or even whom you trained with, but in today’s world I am afraid it can be more complex than that. You need to get your products from a company that will supply the products you believe will produce the results you want, at a price you can afford. It is no use buying a product that will destroy your service, profit margin or make you charge a price that is either uncompetitive for your area, or indeed for the economic climate. Having chosen the right product at the right price, you then need to make sure that the level of support in terms of delivery, product availability and something that is especially important is the level of technical support that is offered. Without this technical support you are on your own and believe me it is a tough old world out there on your own.

The product supplier also needs to be working hard to support you in terms of marketing, product posters, samples to give to customers, ideas on how to grow your business and ideas on how to compete. You can’t just buy your products from any one you need, to be looking for companies who care about the nail industry and are not just looking for a quick sale and a fast buck.

You also need to have a little understanding on how your product supplier fits into the nail industry, who are these people you are giving your hard earned cash to; who are these people you are trusting with your future, your chance of prosperity. I have seen many companies come and go in the nail industry in the 30 years that my company has been supplying products. Companies with big marketing budgets who go broke, small companies without the resources to supply and support their customers. I have seen them come and I have seen them go. I have been in this business so long that I think I am the only founder left in the industry from the original companies that started all of those years ago. Many, many companies have sold to other companies and this is one of the main points of debate today – do you really know who you are buying from and what their long term plans are for the business? You need to be sure that the supplier selling their products to you is going to be in business in the future. Whether a company goes out of business in these tough times or sells their business to new ownership who have different ideas about the type of distribution they want to get a return on the investment they have made in buying the business. All of this could affect how you get your products, what they cost and who else may be getting the brand and indeed, in which part of the industry they fit.

So when you are choosing whom to buy from, take a minute and think about the full implications of the investment before you make an informed decision about where to buy. Don’t be afraid to ask your supplier what their plans are for the future before you entrust your future to them.

The Changing Face of Marketing

February 21st, 2011

It is safe to say that in terms of marketing products and services that the last few years have seen the most significant change to the structure and creative dynamism that we have ever seen in the world of marketing.

Taking a step away from our industry and looking at how conventional marketing has changed is a real eye-opener to the future in terms of marketing our products and services. What used to be a way of launching a product– advertising to build awareness, sample campaigns to initiate trial and promotions to encourage purchase–have given way to a total about-face in the momentum of marketing.

In the past, manufacturers were the controlling influence in the success of a product. Was it possible for a poor product to sell well and become a household name? It was to some extent as you have always been able to buy market share and certainly build it by spending in the conventional ways.

The customer is now at the center of everything that happens. In terms of an educated market we have never experienced the scale of self-education that now takes place. If a customer is researching into a product, they now have all the information they need at their fingertips. As part of the buying process, information gathering is a stage used to reduce the perceived risk of buying a product (particularly a new product). What has taken this information gathering to new level is, of course, not just the internet, but also the customers who now have a voice. Check out the best selling websites and they will all have comments on the products they are promoting, coming directly from the people who have bought them and used them. If you are not sure about a product, look at the comments from people who have not only bought it, but also actually used it and they will also comment about the level of service. This is a very powerful tool that can literally make or break products.

Now instead of advertising being the persuader, it is those satisfied (and sometimes dissatisfied) consumers who are able to directly influence the popularity of a product. This is seen in it most extreme cases where you find websites with girls who use a product and then comment about it on video or streaming – a whole new way of marketing your products now exists.

Bear in mind that these style icons have upwards of 2 million viewers and you can begin to see the scale and size of the opportunity or that faces today’s manufacturer. How does this affect us? We have the opportunity to give consumers not only a voice (they created that for themselves) but we have a 2-way communication processes that will help us shape products and services that the consumer really wants. Instead of a company launching a product (with some market research) and then seeing how it sells, they can look at what consumers are looking for. They can see the market leaders and spot new trends to exploit and maximise the investment in their products and services.

How this effects you is that you should now use this as a driver for your own business. Set up a Facebook page where your customers can leave comments about your business and the service you give. Look at your competition and find out what they offer, what they do well and what they don’t do well.

If you engage with this new media and create a community around your business, you will see it grow. Word-of-mouth has been fuel-injected by the word of touch by the web revolution. If you don’t have a website with a community section and Facebook page that your potential customers can see the genuine comments about you from your clients, then you are missing the single most important change in marketing. The customer is now at the center of the universe and you must become even more customer centric in this, the most competitive of times, to survive and most definitely, if you are going to thrive.

Nail Talk Radio Interview with Athena and Naja

February 9th, 2011

I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Athena and Naja of Nail Talk Radio to speak about the global spa industry and how to increase your service income. Click the video below to watch!