Why Your Nail Salon Should be a Nail Spa

“The salon of today will be extinct in just 10 years.”

The beauty business is changing dramatically. With over 24 years in the professional beauty industry and manufacturing facilities throughout the world, what I’ve seen and heard is evidence to me that the “salon of today” will be extinct in just 10 years. The “salon of today” will be like the barbershop of yesterday. There will be no salons left as we know them!

I’ve traveled extensively through over 60 countries, researching and visiting spas throughout the world, creating the Cuccio Naturalé line. I’ve talked with salon owners and the women that come to the salons for service. No matter where I went there was one thing that remained true. Clients go to spas to escape the every day stresses and demands on their lives.

Why the change?

The female population in the world is changing. Women’s liberation began in the 50s and 60s. Women everywhere began to work, starting their own businesses and professional careers. Unfortunately they now work outside of the home and continue to have to take care of the family and the household. In an attempt to give women more freedom, they wound up with much less time. They are always rushing around from work, to kids, to shopping, etc.

Although I do what I can to help, my wife still has three daily jobs. It begins with getting the children ready & to school on time, then off to the factory to manage 100 people from 9am-6pm, followed by picking up the children after their afternoon activities, feeding them and me too.

No longer does my wife or many other women have any quality free time. The only time left seems to be the hour after everyone else has gone to sleep. That is why when women go to a spa they want to spend as many hours as possible relaxing and being pampered. They spend so many hours giving to others it gives them an opportunity to receive something back even if for a short time.

So what is a spa?

A spa is any beauty center that is a mental oasis for your client. We must understand and acknowledge that the modern woman needs to fulfill the need for pampering and relaxation that is missing from her daily life. We can do this by adapting to these changes immediately. Salon owners need to change the perception of all aspects of the business to survive. We must change in response to the wants and needs of today’s clients, whether male or female.

Stop thinking that you are just doing manicures and pedicures. You are there to pamper the client. Provide them treatments for healthier and younger looking nails, hands and feet. Help them look and feel better about themselves. Part of what you do is actually increasing the quality of life for your clients. That makes an incredible impact on one’s life.

Turning your nail salon into a nail spa is simple. Instead of opening a Sammy’s Nails, name your place Oasis Hand and Nail Spa. In every change you make, ensure that it caters to the physical, mental and emotional needs of both male and female clients. Remember that a spa service is a perceived value. It matters much less that you provide 20 assorted services, it’s the customer service or customer pampering that is at the forefront of counting. I suggest offering more hand, foot  and natural nail treatments, especially those that are organic or enriched with botanicals. After all, women want to look and feel good naturally.

Act quickly!

Together we can change the perception the beauty business. The focus should be on making our clientele feel good as well as making them look good. Change your services to reflect this new state of mind. After all, do you really want to be working in what will be equivalent to a barbershop in 10 years?

It’s time to redefine the word spa—Spa is the future of the beauty business. It’s time to make that future yours.

After meeting with hundreds of salon owners across the country, Tony Cuccio can tell you this “You can make more money by turning your Nail Salon into a  Nail, Hand and Foot care  Spa”.

Remember these key points:

  • Change your name from XYZ Nails to XYZ Nail Spa
  • Work on changing the atmosphere by dimming lights, adding soft music and keeping voices low. Everything must work to together to promote calmness.
  • Add plants and flowers to create a natural garden feel
  • Smell is extremely important. Use aromatherapy throughout each area to mask chemical smells and invoice pleasant memories and relaxation.
  • Offer services not provided at salons such as Non Surgical Handlifts, Pigmentation removers and other spa nail care services. Increase clientele by adding the new men’s spa services.
  • Repaint the salon in natural, earth-tone colors and always keep clean and freshly painted.
  • Add chairs and couches that promote warmth and comfort
  • Change the store front to look like an oasis instead of a typical store. This can increase business immediately.
  • Increase retail area by adding the popular natural botanical products. Offer take-home nail and hand care. Butter and lotions are huge sellers.
  • Change your attitude and your employees – you are there to do services but most of all to calm your customers and give them relaxation from the stressful environment – of everyday living.

Changing your salon to a nail, hand and foot care Spa starts with you and your staff! And ends in higher service prices.

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