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A Kiss in Paris by Cuccio Colour™
A 60 colour nail lacquer range compiled from the industry’s top selling colors!
Paris is a city for lovers thus inspired the name for this romantic color A Kiss in Paris. There is just something about Paris that ignites a passionate kiss! Wisk your clients away to Paris with in minutes with this Parisian shade of Red (the color will last weeks longer than the actual kiss)! A Kiss In Paris is a classic shade that is a quintessential standard for every woman. Every woman at some point in her life will need to wear this sexy shade of red. It is a versatile color for all ages, styles and not to mention skin tones. This timeless red is elegant, glamorous and seductive all in one bottle. Perfect for day or night being able to dress it up or down.
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Introducing Cuccio Colour Veneer™ New Herbal DETOXSOAK™ Service Birth of Cuccio Naturalé Butter Babies
Cuccio Colour Veneer™ - The next generation of LED / UV nail color! Major steps and advancements have been made within the nail industry in the last few years, changing nail techs service menus forever! This game changer is a revolutionary LED / UV formula that is 100% polish free that gives your clients a solid high gloss finish for weeks (or until your client chooses to change their colour).
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NEW Herbal DETOXSOAK™ Service “Total Body Health Begins with the Feet” A stand alone service featuring a 15 minute DETOXSOAK™ of feet in warm water followed by a DETOXSOAK™ Somatology technique massage of feet and legs to balance, de-stress and refresh.
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The cutest little babies ever, have finally made their appearance! The adorable 1.5oz. size contains the same intense 24-hour non-oily hydration, with 2-hour time released emollients as the larger size butter blends. No one will be without the butter blends they love, the new travel safe size can now go everywhere! They fit perfectly in a purse, carry-on luggage or pocket.
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Important Notice: NEW ORDER POLICY: All domestic orders need to be valued at $75.00 or more in order to be placed. All international orders must be a minimum of $350.00 and will be sent directly to the distributor in your country. All prices are subject to change. ATTENTION CANADIAN CUSTOMERS- PLEASE BE ADVISED WE DO NOT SHIP TO CANADA.

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